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Examples for former Designs by Martina Behm

In 2014, for the very first time we will be offering a Strickmich! Club: Four new knitting designs by Martina Behm (creator of popular knitting patterns such as “Hitchhiker“, “Leftie” or “Viajante“) plus four skeins of especially chosen, especially dyed yarns by German hand dyers, i. e. Wollkenschaf, DyeForYarn, welthase and Wollmeise.

Shipping is worldwide!

The yarns we are offering in the club are Merino, Silk and Alpaca, sometimes 100% of one fiber, sometimes in luxurious blends. They are all a pleasure to knit with and we are sure you will enjoy them!

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Please have a look at our frequently asked questions. Please also check out the Strickmich! Club Group on Ravelry.