Frequently Asked Questions

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Will I like the yarn? I don’t know the dyers and their yarn yet…?
As with any surprise you will never know for sure… However, we have selected the chosen dyers carefully. We are convinced of the quality of their yarns and their colorways. We are convinced that they are definitely some of the best had-dyers in Germany. The yarn will be all natural fiber and very easy to knit with. All dyers have been in business for multiple years and have a great experience. Some are already well known internationally other are still hidden gems. Last but not least, Martina loves their yarns and the colors she has chosen together with the dyers. So if you are open to be surprised we believe you will be excited by the club yarn.

Can I chose from different colors? I don’t look good in pink… ?
Each shipment will contain a very special yarn that was dyed only for the Strickmich! Club. Martina has developed each new pattern to match the chosen yarn fiber and colorway. If you like Martina’s patterns and choice of yarn so far we are sure you will just love this combination. Of course, this would not be a knitting club by Martina Behm if some shade of pink was missing… However, the 4 shipments will contain a broad range of colors. They will be of the somewhat cooler color family (like blue, teal, grey, cool reds or pinks). Since this is the first time we start this knitting club and Peter will be alone in the execution we cannot handle a high complexity and thus will not offer any choice of colorways. We hope you understand.

What should I do if I do not like the yarn in a shipment?
If you really do not like a yarn, please do not send it back right away. We are certain that there will be a lot of interest of other knitters to get their fingers on your skein. The yarn colorway is exclusive for Club members for at least 6 months, therefore we believe you will be able to trade an unwanted skein with someone else via Ravelry etc. If you really don’t know what to do with it, please let us know by E-mail and we will help you to find someone who loves to take it from you.
Of course Martina’s pattern will work with all yarns of similar weight just as well.

What kinds of yarn will be in the club shipments?
Merino, Silk and Alpaca, sometimes 100% of one fiber, sometimes mixed (we do not want to reveal more because we don’t want to spoil your surprise!). The patterns are developed especially for each yarn.

How much yarn will be in each shipment? Will it be enough to knit the accompanying pattern?
There will be skeins of 100 or 150 grams. As the patterns are especially developed for that amount of yarn, you will be able to finish your project with the amount of yarn provided.

What if I only want the yarn? Where can I get more skeins of the Club yarn?
All Strickmich! Club yarns are hand-dyed by dyers in Germany. This is a very time consuming and also artistic process. The capacity of the dyers is very limited and we are very fortunate that we could convince 4 of the top German dying artists to produce a larger quantity of a new colorway for our club. All of them want to continue to sell their yarns in other colors as well and therefore each Club member can only get 1 skein as part of the Club membership. The Strickmich! Club colorways will also be exclusive for at least 6 months after the shipping. After this time each dyer is free to choose if they want to offer the Club yarn in their store or not.

What kind of projects can I expect?
Shawlettes. Maybe also a cowl etc., but mainly Martina’s signature style long triangular shawlettes.

Can I order only the patterns without yarn? 
Our Strickmich! Club is meant to be a very special experience where a combination of pattern and matching hand-dyed yarn come together. Since this is the first time we tackle such a project and Peter is handling all the execution, we cannot offer multiple options of Club membership. In short, there will not be a pattern only option to the Strickmich! Club. The patterns will also only be available through the club as high quality printed booklets.

How will I get the Club pattern? Whill they be available on, Ravelry or as PDF? 
Each shipment of the Strickmich! Club will contain a high quality booklet of the printed pattern. The Club patterns will also be exclusive to Club members for at least 6 months and available only in printed form, not in an electronic version or download.

Will I receive an English pattern? 
The patterns will be available in English or German. Please make sure you select the right language version when signing up.

When do we start? When will the shipments arrive? 
The first shipment will probably go out early February 2014. The dyers will start to work as soon as we have the final number of participants. As each skein is hand-dyed it will take some time to finish all the skeins. The following shipments will be spread throughout the year with the last shipment reaching you in time for the Holidays 2014.

Is the number of spots limited?
Yes, the hand-dyers and we have agreed on a maximum number, hence the number of spots is limited.

When can I sign up?
We cannot accept sign-ups for 2014 anymore. If we decide to have a new Club 2015 we will announce this in time. For all the latest information about the Club 2015 as well as a chance for pre-sign-up please join Martina’s newsletter at

Can I join later and how much will this cost? 
Currently, the Club is full and we do not accept new members for 2014. Once someone drops out we will offer the membership to the next person on our waiting list. The price of the remainder of the membership will of course depend on how many shipments are left at that moment etc. Our waiting list for 2014 cannot accept new names.

Do I need to be on Ravelry to participate in the Strickmich! Club?
No, you do not need to be on Ravelry to join the Strickmich! Club. There will be a discussion group on Ravelry as well as a knit along for the Club members on and it is always great to share experiences with other knitters about a joint project.

In any case, we will send all relevant information regarding the Strickmich! Club to all members by E-mail.

Do you ship woldwide? What do I have to know about customs, import etc.?
Due to the many requests from outside Germany we will be shipping the Strickmich! Club worldwide. HOWEVER, we cannot guarantee that your package will go through customs in your country. We are not able to check any possible country for its import regulations, taxes and laws. As Peter has to organize shipping alone, we also cannot add any additional documents, translations, certificates etc. which might be required by your country. Please ask your customs authorities before ordering the Club if a shipment will reach you the way we will do shipping.

This is how we will do it: First of all, you will get a detailed bill/invoice for the Strickmich! Club in English with your confirmation of participation by E-mail. This will contain the amount paid, the products (4 yarn shipments etc.) as well as country of origin and our detailed vendor information. Please keep this document ready to show to customs if necessary. Each individual shipment will then NOT contain an additional invoice or shipping document but only the international customs declaration on the outside of the package. This customs form is an international standard (CN 22, declaration de douane) which will show the contents, their retail value, the weight and country of origin. The value of goods of each individual shipping will be below 50 EURO, please check your countries regulations accordingly. Please also ask about any cost of customs, taxes etc. that might be added by your country as this will be your responsibility. Outside of Germany we will be shipping by certified and registered mail with Deutsche Post.

How can I get in touch with other Strickmich! Club members?
You can turn your Strickmich! Club experience into a virtual social club as well. There will be knit alongs and discussion groups for each shipment of the Club on It will be a lot of fun to see how other knitters projects will grow and turn out. With hand-dyed yarn each project will still be individual. Ravelry will also be the best way to exchange your experiences with fellow knitters, ask questions from the community and also Martina.

On the other hand, it is not necessary to join Ravelry to enjoy the Strickmich! Club. We will send all relevant information to everyone by Email, you can ask questions of Peter and Martina by Email etc. (see below). Also, all your personal information is safe with us: that means that we will never give out your contact information, Email address etc. to anyone not involved in the shipping of the Club etc.. Therefore, we will not give you any information about other Club members.

Can I sell the pattern, duplicate it or post it online etc.?
The Strickmich! Club patterns are subject to the same rules as any pattern by Martina Behm. Please respect Martina’s intellectual property, she is constantly thinking about new and exciting designs for us to enjoy. Therefore, please note that the pattern in the Club is your personal copy and it is not allowed to duplicate it other than for your personal use. The copyright especially prohibits anyone from selling it, scanning it and distributing it in electronic form or posting it on the internet. As it often happens: please do not take a picture of your project with the pattern page in it so that other people can read the instructions.

Can I sell the shawls that I have knit by the Club pattern?
Our Strickmich! Club and its content is for personal members use only. A commercial use of the designs by Martina Behm are excluded by her copyright and terms and conditions. If you are a business owner and have some ideas of working together please contact Martina and Peter at info(at)

What can I do if I have questions regarding the pattern?
If you are on Ravelry, your fist stop should be to check the Strickmich! Club discussion groups if anyone else has already posted your question. Martina will also be part of the discussions there.

If you have a problem with the pattern or if you are seriously stuck you can also contact Martina by Email at: strickmich(at) Please be very specific in the description of your problem and we hope you understand that answering your question might take a few days. If we see a question recurring more often we will also add the answer to this FAQ list, so please check back here also.

I did not receive my shipment.  What should I do if there is a problem with my shipment?
Depending on where you are in the world shipping might take anywhere from one to four weeks. Please be patient and wait at least two weeks from the time of shipping. We will send all shipments as registered premium shipping so that the likelihood of shipments getting lost is low(er). If you still have not received a shipment please contact Peter at support(at) and he will start the investigation with the mail provider.

The packaging or the contents of my shipment are damaged.
All of our shipments will be registered and insured and with premium shipping. Therefore, it is important for you to please tell the deliverer to register any damage of the packaging etc. right away if you see it. If the contents of the shipment are damaged, please contact Peter at support(at) and he will find a solution for you.

What if I don’t like the yarn or the pattern of this shipment?
Everyone has their individual tastes, but first and foremost, please don’t just send the package back. We are certain that there will be many knitters out there who would love to get just this particular hand-dyed yarn, especially since the colorway will be exclusively available to Club members for at least 6 months. You may therefore want to pass your skein on to someone who loves it.

If you really have no use for the skein, please send an Email to Peter at support(at), and we will find a solution. The pattern will also work fine with any other yarn of similar strength.

If you really don’t like the pattern, please contact Martina and Peter at the same email address.

My address has changed, I will be moving soon etc.
Please let us know about changes in your delivery address as soon as possible at support(at)